#Aromatherapy 101: Are essential oils antibacterial & antiviral?

The Influenza and Coronavirus outbreak, has come to our concern what we can do to combat them. A number of in vitro studies found in PubMed, had suggested that essential oils with specific chemical constituent, eg. Terpinen-4-ol, carvacrol etc. showed potential in its antiviral activity against several viral pathogens. However, there is no evidence-based data suggesting the effectiveness of essential oils against coronaviruses.

Since the antiviral activity of essential oils only act against certain viruses, a range of antiviral essential oils can be used at this moment. In fact, many essential oils are immunostimulant. Home users are advised to use essential oils to stimulate immune system and may offer some indirect protection against viral infection. We should not rule out the use of essential oils just because it is derived from plant. Aromatherapy is a perfect complementary therapy, used alongside the conventional medical treatment.

If you have a doubt about whether essential oils do help during this difficult time of influenza and Coronavirus outbreak, check out the below research studies done early. Alternatively, you may find more research studies done on Aromatherapy below.


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