#Aromatherapy 101: Let’s learn about Carrier Oils

benefit of carrier oil

Do you know applying essential oils neat on the skin can be harmful? I have come across cases of skin irritation, sensitization, redness or burning reaction happened as a result of undiluted use of essential oils. For those of you who have been using essential oils undiluted to date and you haven’t had a problem, I would like to remind you that doesn’t guarantee that you won’t develop sensitisation with repeated exposure. We recommend PROPER DILUTION.

1. Carrier oils, as the application medium for essential oils

Vegetable oils are cold pressed oils which blend with the essential oils to carry the essential oils through the skin and into the body. They are often referred to Carrier oils. The term carrier oil is derived from the purpose in carrying the essential oils onto the skin These are widely used as the application medium for essential oils.

2. Essential Fatty Acids are crucial for human body

All vegetables oils are composed of “fatty acids”, which are composed of two parts, one fatty and the other acid and so they are defined as lipids. Essential fatty acids are important in oxygen transfer, haemoglobin production, body recovery speed from fatigue and control of nutrients through cell membranes. The good news is, they are found in most carrier oils used in aromatherapy. Deficiency of Linoleic Acid results in the symptoms like loss of hair, miscarriage, liver and kidney degeneration, etc. On the other hand, deficiency of Alpha Linolenic Acid could results in dry skin, oedema, growth retardation, weakness, low metabolic rate, immune dysfunction, etc.

3. Start diluting today

Consider dilute your essential oils adequately with carrier oils prior to use on the skin. They are of the highest quality for aromatherapy use, having a simple/small molecular structure which makes it easy for the body to absorb. Not only does diluting essential oils with carrier oil have great benefits – it has money saving benefits, too.

4. Shan’s Recommendation: Apricot Kernel Oil

Apricot kernel insta png

An ideal carrier oil for beginner to start with. Having very little scent characteristic of most carrier oils, Apricot Kernel Oil is ideal to be used for baby massage. Apricot Kernal Oil is very similar to Almond oil, in fact almost identical in terms of its properties, vitamin content and uses. It is a good source of mono-unsaturated and poly-unsaturated fatty acid like linoleic and oleic acid. Those with nut allergies who can’t use Sweet Almond Carrier Oil, can benefit from substituting it with Apricot Kernel Oil.It has a much finer consistency compared to Sweet Almond, making it an ideal oil for easy skin absorption. Kindly click in to know more about our Certified Organic Apricot Kernel Oil.


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